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The Provider has just deployed a SharePoint Foundation 2010 server in PA. The task to create the first customer's SharePoint website based on shared SharePoint Web Application fails with the following error message:

Web Application with URL '' was not found in WSS v3

More detailed diagnostics of the problem is provided in the example below:

Task name   Create SharePoint site (domain customer.domain.tld #92586, homedir #100486) on shared application on host SP01.domain.local (#1482)
Destination host 'SP01.domain.local' (#1482), IP '' : Provisioning request failed. Unspecified error [<response><errorContext description="Web Application with URL '' was not found in WSS v3" code="0x80004005" executeSeqNo="4"><errorSource namespace="Error Provider" procedure="SetError"/><errorSource namespace="Error Provider Ex" procedure="RethrowError"/></errorContext></response>]


The problem SharePoint site is going to be created on the Shared Web Application as it can be seen in the failed task's name. There has to be one Shared Web Application on the SharePoint server created for all such sites. The task can fail with the error above if Shared Web Application was not created properly.


  1. Check if the Shared Web Application exists in the list of websites in IIS Manager on the affected SharePoint server. It has name like shared_wss_app<ID>.

  2. Check that the Shared Web Application exists in SharePoint in Share Point Central Administration > Manage Web Applications. The application with the name like shared_wss_app<ID> has to be present in the list of web applications.

  3. If there is no Shared Web Application in SharePoint it means something went wrong during its creation. Look for the task named Create shared SharePoint web application in the POA Task Manager log. It can give a clue.

Shared Web Application creation is triggered by creation of the first SahrePoint website based on the Shared Web Application. It happens only once per SharePoint server. Follow the steps below to re-create the absent Shared Web Application:

  1. Cancel the failed task and remove the broken SharePoint site from the POA Customer Control Panel.

  2. In the POA Provider Control Panel go to properties of the affected SharePoint server and write down settings of the following PPM packages installed on it (on the 'Packages' tab):

    • SharePoint2010
    • ASP.NET2
    • msiis7
  3. Remove the listed above PPM packages from the SharePoint server exactly in this order:

    • SharePoint2010
    • ASP.NET2
    • msiis7

    Wait until corresponding tasks are finished.

  4. Install the removed PPM packages back exactly in this order (during packages re-installation use the settings from the step 1):

    • msiis7
    • ASP.NET2
    • SharePoint2010
  5. Create test SharePoint site based on the Shared Web Application, make sure the corresponding tasks were processed successfully and check if the created site works properly.

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