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Article ID: 117614, created on Sep 30, 2013, last review on Oct 16, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Plesk Automation 11.1


The task Sync the DNS zone fails with the error below:

system exception, ID ''
Unknown vendor minor code id (0), minor code = 0, completed = NO

If you check /var/log/poa.log, you will find this error:

INF [1:25107:f5b23b90:33881 1:25055:f1fdeb90 dns]: [txn:932305 task:68960 DNSManagement::dns_impl::createDNSRecord] domain_id 2114, host '', data '', type 'A': request to add DNS resource record when there is already such a record (identifier 83531)
ERR [1:25107:f5b23b90:33881 1:25174:f4402b90 PleskIntegration]: [txn:932305 task:68960 PleskIntegration::Implementation::<unnamed>::updateDnsZone] Skip DNS record A, reason: non-fatal error 2061


It is not possible to create duplicate records in Plesk Automation. Most likely, this is because the DNS record mentioned in the logs was already created in a DNS zone for another domain.


  1. The old task will not complete because it was already created with the wrong parameters; thus, you must cancel it first.

  2. Check DNS records for the domain "" whose zone could not be synchronized, and remove the duplicate records:

    For example, the subdomain "" has its own "A" record in the DNS zone, but most likely, the same record was created for the domain "": A

    This record could not be synced because it already exists in the DNS zone of the subdomain "" To fix the issue, delete the "A" record "" from the "" domain's DNS zone.

  3. The new task will be created and will complete successfully.

In case the suggested resolution does not help, please contact Odin Technical Support.

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