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Since October 1, 2013, Microsoft does introduce nine new offers in Office 365.
In order for the Downgrade Reports and Two-way user synchronization to correctly work, these new offers should be listed in the O365 Gateway configuration file.

While the automatic installer that fixes this is being developed, below are the instructions on how to manually update the configuration.

  1. Log on to the Office 365 Gateway Host as Administrator.
    If you are not sure where is the application installed, please refer to
  2. Save a backup copy of the Settings.config file.
  3. Add the following items into the Settings.config file of the Office 365 Gateway Application:
    <add key="O365offer40" value="ADFB34F1-3325-4BEF-9E80-3DE86338DBB4, PROJECTONLINE_PLAN_1, Project Online"/>
    <add key="O365offer41" value="8607C577-4556-4ACD-9411-43E65383D23D, PROJECTONLINE_PLAN_1, Project Online Trial"/>
    <add key="O365offer42" value="EBDD373E-1845-4CDA-BC58-CFE2E966AF9A, PROJECTONLINE_PLAN_2, Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365"/>
    <add key="O365offer43" value="4DDB0D03-6FC2-4F41-87C8-EA0542FA304F, PROJECTONLINE_PLAN_2, Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365 Trial"/>
    <add key="O365offer44" value="5F678E7D-1A74-4B36-B32E-1109966E820C, SHAREPOINTSTANDARD_YAMMER, SharePoint Online (Plan 1) with Yammer"/>
    <add key="O365offer45" value="5534BCBC-6B40-4649-800F-242E34C915B6, SHAREPOINTENTERPRISE_YAMMER, SharePoint Online (Plan 2) with Yammer"/>
    <add key="O365offer46" value="9A56B28F-8693-4FF2-9931-171494672F28, YAMMER_ENTERPRISE_STANDALONE, Yammer Enterprise"/>
    <add key="O365offer47" value="9E0E0ABF-148D-4a91-BE76-0DF8E1B6D32D, RIGHTSMANAGEMENT, Azure Active Directory Rights Management"/>
    <add key="O365offer48" value="5E026108-947B-4b65-B0CF-EB6F13E70A61, RIGHTSMANAGEMENT, Azure Active Directory Rights Management Trial"/>
  4. Verify the application functionality by running the synchronization script. Restore the settings.config from the saved copy in case failure is detected.
Important: Make sure these offer mappings correspond to your syndication agreement.

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