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Article ID: 117541, created on Sep 27, 2013, last review on Jun 23, 2014

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  • Operations Automation

Release notes

Note: Filemanager should be installed on IIS7 or a newer version. It will not work if it is installed on IIS6.

Fixed issues

  • POA-81004 Unable to create archive in WebFileManager 5.5.205
  • POA-81024 Not possible to set rights for Shared Pool IIS user through Filemanager
  • POA-81025 Production POA 5.5 upgrade report: PHP was not enabled automatically on newly installed Windows Filemanager site
  • POA-81026 Service user with enabled IIS Website Management and FTP access cannot manage webspace with Filemanager due to error "Invalid backend configuration.Readable volumes not available"
  • POA-81027 IIS: New folder in Filemanager is created with error
  • POA-81029 Filemanager session has expired on Cluster
  • POA-81030 Cannot create new archive or extract files from any existing using Filemanager IIS Hosting
  • POA-81034 Domain & customdata path is hardcoded into Filemanager


The hotfix can be downloaded here.

Enabling archive/unarchive on IIS:

This is only applicable if the Filemanager version installed is later than 5.5.1 and does not have the hotfix installed. If Filemanager is installed after installing the hotfix, everything should work as-is.

  1. In the Parallels Operations Automation UI, go to "Infrastructure > Hardware Nodes" and select the node where Filemanager is installed.

  2. Go to the Packages tab.

  3. Remove the following packages: filemanager, 7z

  4. Install Filemanager again.

After this, archive/unarchive actions will work.

Enable permissions get/set on IIS:

Find out the user identity of elfinder.

  1. Log in through remote desktop to the server where Filemanager is installed.

  2. Go to IIS Manager > Application Pools.

  3. Select WebFileManager Pool *.

  4. Read the user from the column identity. It should be something like <DOMAIN>\wda_p1000071.

The following actions should be performed on every IIS server that the host customer cites:

  1. Open properties of the "CustomerData" folder.

  2. On the "Sharing" tab, add the found "wda_p1000*" user with full access.

  3. On the "Security" tab, add the found "wda_p1000*" user with full access.

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