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Article ID: 117467, created on Sep 24, 2013, last review on May 10, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Operations Automation 5.4


Provider cannot add new Network Group to the Parallels Automation Cloud Infrastructire (PACI) environment, the following error message is displayed in the POA Provider Control Panel:

An error has occurred. Unable to register the network group. Error: IM rejects request with message P8000063: Private subnet is too wide for URI http://IM_IP:4465/paci/v1.0/ng.

where IM_IP is the IP address of the Instance Manager.

The error message may be a bit different:

Unable to register the network group. Error: IDL:Plesk/ExSystem:1.0 The private subnet is too large.

Also, when adding IPv6 Network Group the following error message may be shown:

Unable to register the network group. Error: IDL:Plesk/ExSystem:1.0 P80430: IP V6 subnet is too wide.


The problem is caused by limitation of Network Group size which is not documented, the documentation will be corrected in the future versions of POA in scope of the request CCU-6758.

During PACI module deployment the range of IP addresses for a private network was specified, it can be found in the <privatenetwork> element in the /usr/local/share/PACI-im/IM-config.xml on the Instance Manager server, e.g.:

    [root@paci-im ~]# grep privateNetwork 
    <privateNetwork address="" />

In the example above the IP range is specified as PACI private network, it has /8 ( netmask.

A new Network Group being added cannot be as wide as the whole private network defined on a particular PACI installation and it (Network Group) also cannot be more wide than the private network. In other words, Provider can add new Network Group only if it is less than the PACI private network.

In the example above PACI private network has /8 bit netmask, so it is impossible to add a Network Group with /8 or bigger (wider) netmask, the maximum IP range that can be added in this case is /9 or less subnet.

As for IPv6: PACI has limitation of 64-bit mask, in this case it should be at maximum:

Prefix Size             65
Subnet Prefix Size      64

We recommend using IPv6 networks with Prefix size = 96 and Subnet prefix size = 64, it will allow adding many IPv6 pools. 96 bit subnet allows to gave 4.294.967.296 IPv6 addresses, it is quite enough.


Use Network Group of less capacity than the private network defined for the whole PACI installation.

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