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Provider created a Service Template with custom Service Parameters additionally to the predefined ones, and created Service Plan based on such Service Template.

Customers subscribed to the Service Plan in the Online Store and subscriptions were created for them in Parallels Automation. During the sign-up in the Online Store customers entered values for the Service Paramters defined in the Service Template.

Provider wants to add values of Service Parameters value that were filled by customers during subscribing to services in the Online Store into notifications to be sent to customers.


Service Parameters defined in a Service Template (predefined or custom ones) may be added as placeholders into PBA notification templates as described in the PBA Provider's Guide:

Some external systems may require customer to provide an additional data alongside with the general information on service plan purchase. This additional data is presented in PBA as service parameters and is managed from the service template side. For example, the DomainID parameter for domain service template, the LoginID and the PasswordID parameters set for hosting service templates. These are system parameters added automatically by gate on service template creation. Provider can add parameters manually. After service parameter is configured, a placeholder of the following kind is available: @@<ParameterID>@. For example, the @@DomainID@ placeholder corresponds the DomainID service parameter required for purchasing domain.

So, if the name of a Service Parameter is Parameter1, then corresponding placeholder to be used in notification templates is @@Parameter1@. Please note that the placeholder only works for the notifications of type Subscription Notification, there is a feature request #PBA-47946 ("Service parameters in order notifications") for the similar placeholder to be available in the order and ARDoc notification templates.

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