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Article ID: 117438, created on Sep 23, 2013, last review on May 10, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.2


I have Virtuozzo Containers subscription with installed application "System Administrator Control Panel". The following error appears when try to edit files through File Manager in CP:

CP > System > File Manager > %path% > mark file > Edit > Update

Cannot upload the file: Input/output error..


[2013/08/01 10:31:24] [WARN] [11696] [HSPC::VZAgent::Common::error] VZA error occurs: Cannot send packet to node
[2013/08/01 10:31:24] [WARN] [11696] [HSPC::MT::VESrv::FM::upload] ERROR
[2013/08/01 10:31:24] [WARN] [11696] [HSPC::CP::FM::editor] Error while try to upload file (ERROR)


  1. The file you are trying to edit through File Manager has incorrect permissions. In File Manager PBA-S works with privileges of user apache. To be able to edit the file it must have proper permissions: be readable by root and executable(editable) by apache. You may test this in the VZ node from the command line:

    [root@container ~]# su - apache
    -bash-3.2$ cd /path/to/the/file
    -bash-3.2$ less FILE
    FILE: Permission denied

  2. If you work with PBA-S 4.2 the problem may be caused by size of editable file – it was not possible to edit files more than 16KB because of packet size limitation. Bug is PBAS-28198 - it has been fixed since version 4.3.


  1. Change permissions of the file and parent directories - the file should be editable by apache user.
  2. Upgrade PBA-S to version 4.3 or higher.

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