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Article ID: 117437, created on Sep 23, 2013, last review on Apr 26, 2014

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  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.x


When trying to migrate a container from a Virtuozzo node VZSOURCE to VZTARGET through PBA-S getting the following error:

The selected Containers contain templates, that cannot be synchronized with hardware node VZTARGET: Yum (yum/00000000)

List of packages may be different. Let's consider template "yum" below.


The migration error is caused by broken synchronization of application template "yum" in the container properties and on the destination node VZTARGET:

Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > Containers > #CTID CONTAINER > Applications
1243    Yum     00000000        OK Installed

Application 1243 Yum is not synchronized on VZTARGET:

Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > Nodes > VZTARGET > Applications
ID      Name    Is EZ   Version     Status          Synchronized
1243    Yum     OK      00000000    Registered      NO                    

Application template “yum” is installed on VZSOURCE, but the template is missing for the same OS template on the destination node VZTARGET:

[root@VZSOURCE ~]# vzpkg list | grep yum
centos-5-x86_64      yum
[root@VZSOURCE ~]#

[root@VZTARGET ~]# vzpkg list | grep yum | grep centos-5-x86_64
[root@VZTARGET ~]#


Install and synchronize application template Yum for centos-5-x86_64 on VZTARGET node.

  1. The best solution is synchronizing the OS template with VZTARGET. Run the following command on the destination node to synchronize OS template centos-5-x86_64 and all applications with the destination node:

    [root@VZTARGET ~]# rsync -H -au -e ssh root@VZSOURCE:/vz/template/centos/5/x86_64 /vz/template/centos/5/x86_64
  2. Migrate template “yum” for centos-5-x86_64 from source to destination node with utility vzmtemplate. I suggest the following command for template migration:

    [root@VZSOURCE ~]# vzmtemplate -z VZTARGET yum@centos-5-x86_64

After that verify application template "yum" for CentOS5, 64-bit was installed on the destination node:

[root@VZTARGET ~]# vzpkg list | grep yum | grep centos-5-x86_64
centos-5-x86_64      yum
[root@VZTARGET ~]#

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