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Article ID: 117423, created on Sep 21, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


  1. Container has status "Destroyed". Provider performs synchronization of a container in OBAS PCC under Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > Containers. As a result of synchronization container's status changes to "Destroyed" in PCC despite the fact that container itself is up and running on the Virtuozzo server and information about Virtuozzo server where container resides is correct in OBAS.

  2. Container cannot be migrated (Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > Containers > Migrate). The following error is shown in the DEBUG OBAS log (/var/log/hspc/hspc.log):

    [HSPC::VZAgent::vza_error] [VZI/Common]: VZAgent operation error: Invalid packet: source eid is missing or invalid. 
  3. Backup of a container cannot be created (Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > Containers > CTID > Backup > Create Backup). Task "Start creating new backup for Container #CTID" fails with the error:

    Can not get Virtuozzo Container quota
  4. It is not possible to destroy a container. The following error message is displayed in Action log:

    Attention!Operation has failed with Error Code # -5. See Problem # p2016-03-11_22-44-58 for details.

    The container is not in the list under Top > Migration Director > Conflicts Resolver > Containers.

  5. On attempt to manage mailboxes from CP for a container-based subscription an error message appears instead of a mailboxes list.

    From /var/log/hspc/vzagent.log:

    [Sat Jan  2 00:45:14 2016] 26152: < VZAgent
    <packet id="102" origin="gend" priority="0" target="vzclient155-f2b3ad1b-39cc-904a-9736-eb1ea5eb0ee3" version="4.0.0" xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:xsi="">
        <error code="315" message="Destination unknown (not an EID, 'master' or 'local')" />
      <dst director="gend" />


EID (Environment ID) of the container in OBAS database does not match with the actual EID of the Container on the Virtuozzo node.


Synchronize node preferences with OBAS: Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > Nodes > NODE_NAME > General Settings > Edit > Update (without any changes).

This will update EIDs for all containers on that node.

If that does not help, please contact Odin Technical Support for assistance.

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