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Article ID: 117411, created on Sep 20, 2013, last review on May 11, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.4


PBA generated a Billing Order for a customer, the status of the order is 'Waiting for Payment' (WP), corresponding invoice has the status 'Open' waiting for customer's payment.

The customer paid the full amount of the invoice attached to the Billing Order, invoice was successfully closed, so Billing Order should have been completed.

However, the Billing Order was not completed automatically, it is still sitting in the 'Waiting for Payment' status.


Chances that Provider staff member added a new detail with non-zero price to the already invoiced Billing Order while it was sitting in the 'Waiting for Payment' status. The total amount of the Billing Order was recalculated, and the total amount of invoice was not recalculated accordingly. So, as a result, total amount of the Billing Order is more than total amount of the invoice (and corresponding payment as well). So, it is correct that the Billing Order was left in the 'WP' status because it was not paid in full.

In the default Order Flow the 'Waiting for Payment' status for Billing Orders is addable, which allows to add new details to a Billing Order in this status.


There may be several ways to resolve the problem.

  1. Ask the customer to create one more payment for the remaining balance of the Billing Order and apply it to the Billing Order (or create payment on the customer's behalf).

  2. Configure PBA Order Flow to forbid adding new details to Billing Orders in the 'Waiting for Payment' status:

    • Log into PBA Provider Control Panel
    • Go to Configuration Director > Order Processing > Order Flow
    • Remember the ID and the name of the currently configured Order Flow
    • Go to Configuration Director > Order Processing > All Order Flows
    • Click on the Order Flow you found on the previous step
    • Click on the Billing Order
    • Switch to the Order Statuses tab
    • Find the Waiting for Payment status and click on it
    • Disable the Is Addable parameter


  1. After you disabled the Is Addable parameter for the 'Waiting for Payment' status in the Billing Orders you will not be able to add new details to alreadty existing Billing Orders in this status.

  2. In case you want to charge customer additionally issue new debit memo for them instead of modifying Billing Order.

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