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Article ID: 117406, created on Sep 20, 2013, last review on Jan 11, 2017

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  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


Plesk domain subscription cannot be synchronized with the Hosting Plan.

490071  Error Failed    #14312 Provision client to Plesk
    Process provisioning for document; Error provisioning to Plesk. The following site applications not found on plesk node: nmsformmail.
    23-Jul-2013, 06:31
Attention! See Problem # p2013-07-23_06-31-52 for details.

[2013/07/23 06:31:52] [INFO] [14896] [HSPC::MT::BM::Subscription::PleskClientSubscription::provision_client_on_plesk] Application "nmsformmail" is not installed on node.
[2013/07/23 06:31:52] [INFO] [14896] [HSPC::MT::BM::Subscription::PleskClientSubscription::provision_client_on_plesk] Error provisioning plesk site applications. Some siteapps not found on plesk node: nmsformmail
[2013/07/23 06:31:52] [ERROR] [14896] [HSPC::MT::BM::Subscription::PleskClientSubscription::provision_client_on_plesk] Error provisioning to Plesk. The following site applications not found on plesk node: nmsformmail.


Hosting Plan includes an invalid application named "nmsformmail":

Top > Billing Director > Product Manager > Hosting Plans > HOSTING_PLAN > Applications
OK  nmsformmail     Included    Included

Application "nsformmail" is invalid because it's missing in APS Catalog:

Application with another name "formmail" exists instead:

Generally "formmail" is new name of application "nmsformmail".

When OBAS tries to provision domain onto Plesk Panel, it sends the request to retrieve information on application packages available for installation on domains/sub-domains. To verify applications list in Plesk node OBAS sends the following API package:

<packet version=""><aps><get-packages-list><all></all>

Plesk Panel has "formmail" instead of "nsformmail":



  1. Dump OBAS database:

    # mysqldump aspc --extended-insert=false > aspc.dump.`date +%F.%s`.sql
  2. Remove information about "nsformmail" from pending orders and subscriptions in OBAS database.

    mysql> delete from order_app where ar_doc_id=<ORDER_ID> and name='nmsformmail';
    mysql> delete from subscr_app where subscr_id=<SUBSCR_ID> and name='nmsformmail';
  3. Provision the order.

  4. Update Hosting Plan: disable "nsformmail" and set "formmail" to be enabled/included instead.

  5. Upgrade subscription to the latest version of the Hosting Plan.

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