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In the online store the prices for the resources in service plan are displayed in different format, for example, for one of the resources price is displayed as '100$', for another resource - '100 dollars' or '$100'.

As provider I want to make online store to display all prices in the same format.

In general, I want to know how to modify price description shown in the online store for resource rates in service plan.


By default the prices in the online store are displayed in the following formats:

  • 'CURRENCY_PREFIX + amount'
  • 'amount + CURRENCY_POSTFIX'

CURRENCY_PREFIX and CURRENCY_POSTFIX are determined in the online store dictionary in Billing Provider Control Panel at Product Director > Online Store Manager > Languages.

The way resource price is displayed can be customized on resource basis in the 'Store Price' parameter defined in every single resource rate in a service plan:

  1. Go to Product Director > Plan Manager > Service Plans in Billing Provider Control Panel.
  2. Click the needed service plan.
  3. Switch to the 'Resource Rates' tab.
  4. Click the needed resource rate.
  5. Edit the 'Store Price' parameter to suit your needs:

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If you have more than one locale installed in Billing, then the 'Store Price' option is multilingual and can be displayed differently depending on the language chosen in the online store. So, you need to define store price text in all available languages.

After you change the 'Store Price' parameter in resource rate (or deleted customized records to have the default format for the resource rate), synchronize the online store for the changes to be applied at Product Director > Online Store Manager > Synchronization Settings.

For Billing versions 7.0.1 and later:

  1. Online store uses the same values as Billing if the $useDefaultCurrency value in the /usr/local/bm/templatestore/conf/ file is set to 1. After specifying CURRENCY_POSTFIX or CURRENCY_PREFIX, the $useDefaultCurrency value should be set to 0.

  2. The change of $useDefaultCurrency will be applied to all stores of OA installation.

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