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Webalizer web statistics does not have a field for IP addressess and the percentage of unresolved/unknown countires is 100% like on the screenshot below:

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Webalizer server lacks the GeoIP package or the webalizer.conf is misconfigured for the webspace in question.

The request POA-68093 to add the ability to manage GeoIP plugin through Customer Control Panel for NG Hosting was submitted.


  1. Install the GeoIP package on the Linux Shared Hosting server

  2. Add the following line to the webalizer.conf file in the customer's webspace:

    GeoIP yes

The webalizer.conf file of the customer's webspace is located at the following path:

  • Standard Linux Shared Hosting service: /usr/local/pem/vhosts/WEBSPACE_ID/webspace/conf/webalizer.conf

  • Linux Shared Hosting NG service: /var/www/vhosts/NFS_VOL_ID/WEBSPACE_ID/webspace/conf/webalizer.conf

where WEBSPACE_ID is the ID of the customer's webspace, NFS_VOL_ID is the ID of the NFS Volume mounted on web servers in the Linux Shared Hosting NG web cluster.

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