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As Provider I want to modify the details description displayed in the customer's orders (or the invoices and the notifications that are sent on invoice generation).

For example, I see 'Server Recurring' in the 'Description' field a Sales Order details (or in the notification for an order), and I want 'Server Monthly Fee' to be displayed.


The invoice notifications are taking the details from the invoice, invoice details, in its turn, from the corresponding order details. The order details are generated based on the fee description.

Modify the 'Description' parameter for the fees.

  1. For the subscription:

    Home > Products > Service Plans > #ID service plan > Subscription Period #ID

    Setup/Recurring/Renewal/Transfer/Deposit/Cancellation Fee Description

  2. For the resources:

    Home > Products > Service Plans > #ID service plan > Resource Rate #ID

    Setup/Recurring/Overuse/Cancellation Fee Description

    Your text to link here...

  3. If you are using the resource rate periods, the same configuration is to be found following the path below:

    Home > Products > Service Plans > #ID service plan > Resource Rate #ID > Resource Rate Period #ID

  4. To apply these changes to exiting subscriptions, synchronize service plan with subscriptions (Home > Products > Service Plans > #ID service plan > Update Subscriptions) with options Update Subscription Prices or Update Prices depending on which descriptions you modified.

  5. Keep in mind that for promoted subscriptions the details descriptions are taken from the promotion fee description - refer to kb #118507 .

The description that includes the words refund, adjustment (e.g. Refund for Plan, Refund for Additional Resource, Refund Adjustment, etc) cannot be changed the way described above. The only way to change them is modifying the locale. For example, if you need to change Refund for Plan to Adjustment for Plan, follow the steps:

  1. Create an additional dictionary volume for English language (e.g. /usr/local/bm/conf/locale/locale.en.corrections)
  2. Add a pair:

    "Refund for Plan '$1'" "Adjustment for Plan '$1'"
  3. Restart PBA:

    /etc/init.d/pba restart

Note that the keywords vary - if you need to change Refund for Plan X for period Y, than the keyword is "Refund for Plan '$1' $2. ", etc. Some more general localization details can be found in the kb #116938.

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