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As Provider I want to configure PBA to notify customers about events related to processing of their credit card payments. The events may include the following ones:

  • Credit card has been charged
  • An attempt to charge a credit card has failed
  • Preauthorization of a credit card has failed
  • Credit card preauthorization has successfully completed


Notification for failed credit card charges can only be configured from the Order Flow in PBA. The request PBA-43924 to make it possible to configure notifications from event handlers was already submitted.

Follow the steps below to configure notifications in the Order Flow of the Payment Order (the Payment Order is chosen because all the payment transitions are present in its Order Flow):

  1. Create new notification template in PBA Provider Control Panel at Communication Director > Notification Manager > Notification Templates

    Message type needs to be set to "Order Notification".

  2. Configure the notification to be sent in the Order Flow of the Payment Order:

    1. Go to Configuration Director > Order Processing > Order Flow
    2. Click on the Payment Order
    3. Switch to the Order Flow Transitions tab
    4. In the 'CA -> CF/WT' transition set the created notification template in the 'Success Template Name' field

      So, when the the number of possible attempts to charge customer's credit card will be exceeded, the customer will receive the notification indicated.

    5. In the 'CC -> PP/CA' transition configure PBA to send 'charge failed' notifications on each failed attempt to charge credit card - set the created notification template in the 'Fail Template Name' field.

    6. Review the rest existing transitions and choose those you would like to notify your customers about.

For the BA of version 6.0.x there is a bug #PBA-63499 ("It is not possible to configure Order flow for Payment Order"), please update BA to 6.0.6 or above to configure notifications properly.

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