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How to send notification in PBA upon successful/failed service creation during order provisioning.


Configure notification template in the required Order Flow transition.

Order Flow transition is a change of order status. In terms of the system it is an event and there is a handler configured to process it. Event handler returns either success or error code as the result of its work and, thus, the order flow can fork into two branches. You can attach a notification template to either or both outcomes of the transition (success/failure) to inform a customer or the system administrator on order status change.

For example, follow the steps below to configure PBA to send notification for successful service creation during Sales Order provisioning:

  1. Log into PBA Provider Control Panel
  2. Go to Configuration Director > Order Processing > Order Flow
  3. Click on Sales Order
  4. Switch to the Order Flow Transitions tab
  5. Filter all transitions that have the 'Provisioned' (PC) status in the Success field (it means service provisioning was completed successfully)
  6. In every found transition set the needed notification template in the 'Success Template Name' field like on the screenshot below:

    Your text to link here...

  7. Save changes

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