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Article ID: 117262, created on Sep 16, 2013, last review on Dec 30, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


A domain in Odin Business Automation Standard (OBAS) suddenly stops resolving.

How can I troubleshoot this issue?


  1. Verify the name servers used by the domain:

    ~# whois DOMAIN.TLD | grep NS
    Name Server: NS1.SERVER.TLD
    Name Server: NS2.SERVER.TLD

    NS1.SERVER.TLD and NS2.SERVER.TLD are active name servers registered in OBAS:

    Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Name Servers

    If the domain uses external name servers, reconfigure the domain's DNS zone at the authoritative name servers or change them to NS1.SERVER.TLD and NS2.SERVER.TLD in the registrar.

  2. If the NS records are missing, you should reconfigure the DNS zone. Add the OBAS managed name servers:


    A client can reconfigure a domain's DNS zone through the Control Panel. The records will appear in the DNS zone after synchronization.

  3. Verify synchronization status using DNS Records Suppliers:

    Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains > DOMAIN.TLD > DNS Records Suppliers

  4. Verify the domain has DNS hosting.

  5. If the DNS zone is disabled, verify which orders are running. These orders are shown in the PBA-S Action Log (search by domain name) and in the domain's subscription:

    Top > Configuration Director > Logging and Errors > Action Log

    Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains > DOMAIN.TLD > Subscription #NUMBER > Orders

  6. For Plesk Domain or Plesk Client subscriptions, verify the backup task is not running in Plesk. If the option Suspend domain until backup task is completed is enabled, the domain and its DNS zone are disabled during the backup process:

    Plesk > Subscriptions > DOMAIN.TLD > Open in Control Panel > Websites & Domains > Backup Manager > Scheduled Backup Settings

  7. If the DNS zone exists and it is active in OBAS, but the domain is still not resolved, verify that the domain is resolved at the OBAS-managed name servers:


    If an error appears when requesting the name servers (for example, a request timeout error), investigate the system log on the name servers and fix the problem.

  8. If you see that the domain's DNS zone is empty at the name servers, verify synchronization with OBAS-managed name servers according to the instructions from this KB:

    DNS zones are not synced to OBAS-managed nameservers

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