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How does POA compose LDAP path for objects it creates in the Active Directory (AD)?


Assignment of LDAP path works in the following way:

  1. During registration of the first AD Domain Controller (i.e. when you install the ADDomainController package on it) you specify the value for the 'The Hosting Organizational Unit name' property which is usually set to 'Hosting'.

  2. The basic information about AD domains is stored in the POA database in the actdir_windows_domains table.

  3. When installation of the ADDomainController package succeeds, POA updates the value of the 'hosting_ou_ldap' field in the actdir_windows_domains table to the value like "OU=Hosting,.........", e.g.:

    plesk=> SELECT * from actdir_windows_domains;
     windows_domain |        hosting_ou_ldap
     hosting.local  | OU=Hosting,DC=hosting,DC=local
  4. During creation of a new organization unit (OU) in AD for a customer's subscription, POA looks for the hosting_ou_ldap field in the actdir_windows_domains table and appends it to create LDAP path of the newly created organization so the result looks like this:

  5. The name of the customer's OU in AD is generated in accordance with the Subscription OU naming convention template available in the POA Provider Control Panel at System Director > Configuration Manager > Auto-generated Names.

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