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Article ID: 117099, created on Sep 4, 2013, last review on Sep 4, 2013

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As Provider I see failed VPS backup tasks in POA Task Manager and I need to filter tasks for VPSs located on a particular Parallels Virrtuozzo Containers (PVC) Hardware Node.


The information may be fetched from POA system database using the SQL query below:

SELECT t.task_id,, t.status, ves.ve_host_id, ves.hw_host_id
FROM tm_tasks t
  INNER JOIN vps_op_tasks vopt ON (vopt.task_id = t.task_id)
  INNER JOIN vps_operations vop ON (vop.op_id = vopt.op_id)
  INNER JOIN ves ON (vop.vps_host_id = ves.ve_host_id)
WHERE t.status = 'f'
  AND like '%Backup VPS%'
  AND ves.hw_host_id = HW_NODE_ID

Replace HW_NODE_ID with the actual ID of a PVC server registered in POA, it is displayed in POA Provider Control Panel at Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > VPS Hardware Nodes.

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