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APS task 'executing configuration script' fails with error message complaining on unknown command like in the example below:

Script execution failed: executing '/usr/bin/php-cgi -d open_basedir= -q configure' for APS application instance with id 2919 returned value '1' with output 'Error: unknown command disable.
' and errors ''.

The name of the command may be different in different cases.


The application configuration script ('configure' in most cases, the exact name of the script is provided in the failed task properties) does not have handler for the requested operation.

E.g. in the example below the 'configure' script was invoked with the 'disable' parameter and there is no handler (function) in the script to process the requested operation. As a result script fails with the error about unknown command.

This means that developer of a particular application did not follow APS requirements and missed declared functionality in the application configuration script.

Refer to the APS Format Specification for more details: Configuration Script Actions.


Check that required handlers (functions) are really missing in the application configuration script. You may find the configuration script in the scripts folder in the APS application package.

If the problem affect application which is being installed in a customer's webspace you may also find the configuration script in the particular webspace where installed application is located and confirm that disable, enable or some other command required by APS Format Specification is missing like in the example below:

# cat /usr/local/pem/vhosts/111309/webspace/siteapps/APS_APP_NAME-2919/scripts/configure | grep command
$command = $argv[1];
if($command == "upgrade")
if($command == "install")
if($command == "remove")
if($command == "configure")
print "Error: unknown command $command.\n";

The example above shows that there is no handler for the 'disable' operation in the configuration script.

Depending on the APS application publisher open ticket with the Parallels Support Team or with the support team of application publisher. Refer to the Knowledgebase article #112906 APS Applications supported by vendors for more information.

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