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Article ID: 116971, created on Aug 28, 2013, last review on Apr 25, 2014


You have /vz partition on NFS share and you experience the following errors:

Error (vzpkg update cache)
At least 27406MB more space needed on the / filesystem.
Error: /usr/share/vzyum/bin/yum failed, exitcode=1

However you have plenty of disk space:

[root@myhost]# df

Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on

                    1032123392   7949312 971745280   1% /vz


The reason of the issue is subtree_check option for nfs mount point.


There should not be securtiy checks options on file access like root squashing or subtree permissions and so on. Cancel this option and try your task once again.

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