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As the Provider, I want to change the translation of a specific string, word, or error message displayed in the Business Automation (BA) Provider or Customer Control Panel.


The localization dictionary for the BA Control Panel is stored in special files in the BA_ROOT/conf/locale folder on the BA Application Server, where BA_ROOT is the BA root installation folder. The default values are:

  • BA for Linux: /usr/local/bm/
  • BA for Windows: C:\Program Files\Parallels\PBA

The names of localization files use the following convention: locale.<language_code>[.<volume_name>]

Examples of <language_code> values: fr for French, es for Spanish, etc. (The volume_name part is optional.)

The PBA localization dictionary is a plain-text file that contains entries in the following format:

"keyword_1" "translation_1"
"keyword_2" "translation_2"
"keyword_N" "translation_N"

BA looks for keywords (which serve as translation IDs) in localization files and displays the translation (if any) on the screen. If a keyword-translation pair is not found in any available dictionaries, then the requested keyword is displayed "as is" in the BA Control Panel.

There are some placeholders that are substituted with the real values depending on the situation - e.g. the exact service plan name, order ID, subscription name/ID, resource name, etc. In the locale, such varying values are represented with the placeholder numbers, e.g.:

"Cancellation order #$1 has been placed. " "Cancellation order #$1 has been placed. "

In the control panel, this would be substituted with the actual cancellation order ID.

To modify a certain string:

  1. Create an additional dictionary volume (so that your changes are not overwritten with the installation of BA updates or locale updates). For example, you could name it locale.<language_code>.custom. It will be located in the folder mentioned above, with all the locale files. Note: only two-letter language codes can be used in BA localization file extensions.

  2. Add the new translation for the element you would like to change in the following format:

    "exact string" "translation"

    Note that "exact string" is the string you see in BA Control Panel, e.g.:

    "There is no such domain in the system." "Il n'ya pas de domaine dans le système."
  3. Restart BA services:

    • BA for Linux: /etc/init.d/pba restart
    • BA for Windows: net stop ssm && net start pba

Refer to the BA Localization Guide for more details:

If the locale file is shipped by Odin and the necessary localization is missing, or the localization is present in the file but the English version is still displayed, please contact Odin Technical Support to check an issue.

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