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Article ID: 116851, created on Aug 21, 2013, last review on Apr 30, 2015

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A customer wants to change login name for a staff member in their account.


It is possible to change user's login name using PBA API method UserUpdate_API.

However, after using the mentioned above API method user login will be different in PBA and POA, it will lead to inability to log into POA Control Panel.

In the current release POA does not provide possibility to change user's login, it is going to be added in the future versions of product in scope of the request POA-79141.

Follow the steps below to work the problem around:

  1. Create new user with desired login name for the account in PBA Customer Control Panel at Account > Admins or in PBA Provider Control Panel at Operation Director > Account Manager > Customers > click on the account > Users tab.

    Note: for POA 5.4 and older versions: free unit of the 'Additional Staff Members' resource must be available in at least one of account's subscriptions for successful creating of new user.

  2. After creating the additional staff member assign required roles to it - assign the same roles which are assigned to the user that you are going to rename. Do this in both systems - POA and PBA.

    PBA roles of a user may be adjusted in Customer Control panel at Account > Admins > click on the created user > Billing and Accounts Roles tab.

    POA roles may be adjusted at Account > Admins > click on the user > Manage Advanced Settings > Hosting Roles tab.

    User's roles may be adjusted in the Provider Control Panel as well in the corresponding account properties.

  3. After proper roles are assigned to the new user check that it is possible to login into POA Customer Control Panel using the new user login.

  4. Disable the user with old login name in PBA part of Customer Control Panel at Account > Admins > click on the user > Disable User button.

Note: you will not be able to delete a staff member in PBA in case some AR Documents were created/processed by that user or user is configured as admin/billing/technical contact in some registered domain, that is why it is suggested just to disable user in PBA instead of removing it.

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