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A customer with Hosted Exchange subscription created some Public Folders manually in Outlook or OWA and tried to import these Public Folders via POA Customer Control Panel.

POA created corresponding task 'Complete importing of public folder' which fails with the following output:

Method name completeImportHandler on OBJREF:Exchange:0:getPublicFolder:555318
Queue name: DomainService00124387
Last execution output   Provisioning request failed. Source path 'executeData/permissions' does not match any node. XPath location: /request[1]/procedure[1]/execute[1]/after[2]
Type: Parallels.Wpe.Utils.WpeXmlException.

The provided above error message appears in the wpe.log on the Windows Provisioning Engine server after execution of the following Exchange cmdlet:

Get-PublicFolderClientPermission -Identity "\<parent public folder>\<public folder name>" -DomainController <Exchange server name> -Server <Exchange server name>


There are missing permissions to Public Folder being imported because of manual modification of permissions to its parent Public Folder performed in Exchange Management Shell (EMS) or Exchange Management Console (EMC). Permissions of parent Public Folder are used during assigning permissions to the child Public Folder.

To verify the cause run the above-mentioned cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell. In the list of permissions there have to be permissions like provided below:

Identity     : \<parent public folder>\<public folder name>
User         : <provider_AD_domain_name>/Hosting/<Exchange organization name>/<security group name>
AccessRights : {Reviewer}

The security group name has the following format: 'eg00<Domain Service ID>' where the 'Domain Service ID' can be found in output of failed task in the 'Queue name' parameter. The security group name may be also found in the customer's Organizational Unit in Active Directory:

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Find the desired access rights for the Public Folder in POA Customer Control Panel. In the Exchange Public Folder Management Console or in the EMS add the necessary permissions to the public folder and restart the failed task in POA Task Manager.

It is worth to check and correct permissions for the root Public Folder of the Exchange organization in question. It will help to avoid the same issue appearing during import Public Folders in the future.

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