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Article ID: 116826, created on Aug 20, 2013, last review on Jun 16, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Plesk Automation 11.1


  1. Adding a Windows Service Node fails with the following error:

    system exception, ID ''
    TAO exception, minor code = 3e (timeout during recv; low 7 bits of errno: 62 Timer expired), completed = MAYBE
    Actual result that you got : Error Request has been timed out, details:
    system exception, ID ''    
  2. In poa.debug.log on the Management Node, you see:

    remote_exec $1 $2 $3 "C:\Windows\System32\winrm.cmd create winrm/config/Listener?Address=*+Transport=http @{Port=\"5985\"}" 1 || die "Failed to add WinRM transport" $?
    remote_exec is performed via winexe.
    Check winexe:
    # winexe -d9 -U 'administrator123qwe' // "cmd.exe /c cd"
    adding hidden service IPC$
    adding hidden service ADMIN$
    failed to get principal from default ccache: No such file or directory: open(/tmp/krb5cc_0): No such file or directory
    winexe version 0.91
    ERROR: Failed to open connection - NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT


  1. Open the below ports on the Service Node. These ports should be opened for the Management Node IP, so it can communicate with the Service Node:

    RPC                             TCP     135
    RPC over HTTPS                  TCP     593
    NetBIOS Datagram Service        UDP     138
    NetBIOS Name Resolution         UDP     137
    NetBIOS Session Service         TCP     139
    SMB                             TCP     445
  2. Make sure that the Service Node is accessible by these ports from the Management Node:

    [root@ppa_managment_node]# nmap -p 135,593,137,138,139,445  
    135/tcp open   msrpc
    137/tcp open   netbios-ns
    138/tcp open netbios-dgm
    139/tcp open   netbios-ssn
    445/tcp open   microsoft-ds
    593/tcp open http-rpc-epmap


When you add a Windows Service Node in Parallels Plesk Automation, it requires RPC ports to be open on the Service Node - at least until the winrm service is configured.

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