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Article ID: 116749, created on Aug 13, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4
  • Business Automation 5.4

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Business Automation (PBA) version 5.4.15 can be downloaded here.

New Features:

Billing Process

PBA-47786 Customers are allowed to switch service plan from trial to a paid one during Grace Period

Domain Plug-Ins

PBA-49141 Customers accept the Legal Agreement in all purchase scenarios related to GoDaddy domain registrar


PBA-47195 Synchronization of domain expiration dates

Payment Plug-Ins

PBA-47253 PayPal Express plug-in has been implemented
PBA-47975 WorldPay Redirect plug-in has been implemented


PBA-43208 Support for non-ASCII contact fields for SSL certificates ordering

Functional Changes:

Configuration Settings

PBA-43918 Email address validation if unified in PBA and Parallels Operations Automation (POA)
PBA-47998 If scripts and/or CSS are changed during PBA update installation, the browser cache is automatically updated to not use the cached scripts/CSS

Fixed Issues:

Billing Process

PBA-47971 An invalid Sales Person or Sales Branch set for the account may cause issues with Daily Billing
PBA-49121 Billing orders are created for accounts in the "Credit Hold" state
PBA-48851 Orders can stay in the "Ready to Complete" status for account with Per Account billing type

Certificate Plug-Ins

PBA-49478 The eNom Certificate cannot be renewed because contact fields are empty


PBA-47043 Documentation is incorrect for "AccountPutOnAdmHold_API" and "AccountTakeFromAdmHold_API" methods: it says that these methods do not stop subscriptions for an account
PBA-44433 Obsolete instructions in Plug-In Installation chapter in the Domain Plugin SDK guide
PBA-48790 Software Requirements in PBA 5.4 for Windows Deployment Guide

Domain Plug-Ins

PBA-48712 .rs and domain zones transfer via EPNIC registrar fails due to incorrect Contact Type
PBA-47109 Service Template parameters for OpenSRS domain plug-in are not localized in Online Store
PBA-48796 .se domain registration via EPNIC fails if Postal Code contains spaces
PBA-47714 .ru domain zone registration parameters are not localized correctly for the RUCENTER domain plug-in
PBA-49100 Transfer order fails for EPP plugins that require additional transfer parameters
PBA-49152 Order does not get completed in PBA after manual domain transfer in Nominet
PBA-49702 ID number and VAT number are not passed for .pt domains via InternetX plugin

Plans Management

PBA-48294 Reseller can modify the vendor's composite resources

POA Integration

PBA-37085 Unnecessary API calls are sent to POA on releasing a subscription from Credit Hold


PBA-47821 Insufficient Authorization on email confirmation status changing
PBA-47825 Online Store host vulnerability in respect to cross-site scripting attacks
PBA-47864 Cross Site Scripting in Online Store
PBA-48823 Server path disclosure on store screens
PBA-48822 Server path disclosure on store screen
PBA-48820 Possible server path disclosure on store screen

Account and Subscription Management

PBA-47890 An incorrect Sales Person and Sales Branch may be predefined for reseller's customer

Customer Control Panel

PBA-48429 It is possible to attach payment to a canceled order in Customer Control Panel


PBA-48446 The resource limit is counted incorrectly in Limit Notifications when the resource is also included in the composite resource

Order Placement

PBA-48343 A Switch plan order may give credit instead of charging
PBA-45895 Access Denied error occurs when clicking on a subscription in the cancellation order wizard in Customer Control Panel
PBA-45079 Order was manually approved after fraud check and goes into "Waiting for Payment" status. If, in this status, the payment attached to the order is removed and a new payment is attached, the order gets stuck in "Hold" status


PBA-48634 The pba_migrate utility does not open the port 5224 after migration to RHEL 6


PBA-45796 The XmlRpc service is not available after AMT container restart

Online Store

PBA-48284 The "Domain Contacts" section in Online Store works incorrectly in some browsers
PBA-48664 The "Domain Registrant Contact" section is shown in the Store even when no domains are ordered
PBA-48166 The payment system logos are missing on the store screen if branding with "Store URL suffix" is configured
PBA-48181 The CVV image is missing on the store screen if branding with "Store URL suffix" is configured


PBA-47704 Memory leak may occur in internal storage
PBA-49373 The Container hangs if minidump generation has failed

Update Installation Information

During update installation, PBA-E services on the PBA-E application server will be stopped. With installation of updates on Linux, PostgreSQL server service will be restarted several times. With installation of updates on Windows, a PBA-E application server reboot may be required. Expected downtime depends on the amount of time required to make a pre-upgrade backup and on the source product version.


Note: If required by pre-check, re-install custom plugins according to the article

RHEL4/Centos4 32-bit:


RHEL6/Centos6 64-bit:


Windows 2003 32-bit:


Windows 2008 64-bit:


Installation [Linux]:

Deployment Guide
Update Guide
Migration Guide

Installation [Windows]:

Deployment Guide
Update Guide

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