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Article ID: 116647, created on Aug 6, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation
  • Business Automation 5.4


The Parallels Operations Automation (POA) Customer Control Panel (CCP) shows a domain name that is not clickable, does not have a domain ID and cannot be assigned to any service (like website or mail hosting).

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This is so-called 'Domain Request', an entity created in POA by Parallels Business Automation (PBA) - or another external system that POA is integrated with - during domain order processing.

A domain request is typically converted to a fully functional domain and it is possible to assign services after the domain is successfully registered/transferred (PBA does send a corresponding request to POA after the registration/transfer process is completed by the Registrar).

A customer cannot manage the domain request until registration/transfer is completed in PBA.

The picture below demonstrates when exactly PBA creates a domain request during services provisioning for a customer, and when the existing domain request is converted to a regular domain. The picture shows the typical sequence of API requests to POA during provisioning of services to a customer who ordered a domain (registration or transfer) and hosting subscription in a single order.

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In step 4, PBA sends the pem.addDomainRequest API request to create a domain request in POA. The main goal is to create the domain zone on POA-managed nameservers, to be used in the following request to the Registrar to register or transfer the domain.

If a domain with the same name as the domain request name does not exist, POA creates a DNS zone according to the subscription created in step 3. Otherwise, POA uses an existing DNS zone for the domain request.

After PBA (or another external system) sends a request to the Registrar to register/transfer a domain, it converts the domain request to a regular domain in POA using the pem.addDomain API request with the force parameter set to 0 and `registrar_status1 set to 0. This means that the domain status on the Registrar is undefined, because domain processing on Registrar side has not been completed (PBA has simply sent a request to the Registrar).

After domain processing on Registrar side is complete and PBA has received confirmation of this, PBA sends another pem.addDomain request to POA to create the regular domain. In this step, the force parameter is set to 1 (if a domain with the same name exists in POA, this method removes it and creates a new one). registrar_status is set to 2, which means that the domain has been registered/transfered. If the domain was created in step 7, the pem.addDomain method only modifies the Registrar Status of the domain.

So, the domain request is a kind of intermediate object, used to create a domain zone on POA-managed nameservers before the request to register/transfer a domain is sent to the Registrar.

Usually, a domain request should not exist for any long period of time. Instead, it should be converted to a domain right after PBA has sent the request to the Registrar to register/transfer a domain.

If you see an unnecessary domain request in POA Control Panel, you can remove it using the instructions in Parallels Knowledgebase article #116051: How to remove domain request from POA.

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