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A customer cannot open Parallels Presence Builder (PPB) site for editing due to the following error message in browser:

The file <filename> is part of Plesk 9 distribution. It cannot be run outside of Plesk 9 environment.


The website of the Parallels Presence Builder is misconfigured - it is configured to use stock PHP interpreter to run PPB while PPB may work only under special PHP interpreter sw-engine. This may happen due to improper installation/configuration of PPB or due to manual editing of the Apache configuration file of the PPB website.


Adjust the Apache configuration file of the website which serves PPB installation - configure PPB website to be served by special PHP interpreter - sw-engine.

In case PPB installation was provisioned by POA on a Standard Linux Shared Hosting server find below the instruction how to find the required webspace and Apache configuration file.

Having hostname of the PPB installation find the ID of the webspace where it is installed:

  • Log into POA Provider's Hosting Control Panel - click the Hosting CP link in the Provider Control Panel
  • Go to the list of all Provider's websites
  • Find the website with the hostname of the PPB installation
  • Remember the webspace ID in the Web Hosting field:

    Your text to link here...

  • Return to the POA Provider Control Panel
  • Find the website it in the list of all websites at Service Director > Shared Hosting Manager > Websites:

    Your text to link here...

  • Log into the server displayed in the Host field by SSH as root.

  • Go to the webspace where PPB is installed - /usr/local/pem/vhosts/WEBSPACE_ID/, where WEBSPACE_ID is the ID of the webspace you found on the previous steps.

  • Open the webspace's Apache configuration file webspace/conf/vhost.conf in text editor

  • Find the HTTP and HTTPS virtual hosts of the PPB website. Hint: find the virtual host with the SERVERNAME directive containing hostname of the PPB installation.

  • Make sure that the following directives are configured for both virtual hosts (HTTP and HTTPS) of the PPB website: OPTIONS +Includes +ExecCGI Action php5-cgi-script /cgi-sw-engine/sw-engine-cgi SCRIPTALIAS /cgi-sw-engine/ /usr/bin/

  • And restart Apache service on the host (all customers' websites will be unavailable during Apache restart):

    # service pemhttpd restart

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