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POA cannot create new Linux Shared Hosting NG webspace for a customer, corresponding background task Creating virtual host directory structure for domain service fails with the following error message:

mkdir /var/www/vhosts/1/100101: Too many links (errno 31).

The attempt to create the same folder manually being logged on NG webserver fails with the same diagnostics:

# mkdir /var/www/vhosts/1/100101
mkdir: cannot create directory '/var/www/vhosts/1/100101': Too many links (errno 31).

Number of sub-folders in the /var/www/vhosts/1 folder is close to 32.000:

# ls -l /var/www/vhosts/1/ |  wc -l


There are two ways to solve the problem:

  1. Remove unnecessary webspaces on the affected NFS Volume (if any). The list of customers' NG webspaces on a particular NFS Volume may be found in POA Provider Control Panel at Service Director > Shared Hosting Manager > Webspaces (NG). This way may be considered only as the quick solution for the problem because Provider will hit the same problem soon.

  2. The long term solution - add new NFS Volume(s) to the NG webcluster and set it as active, so that POA will use it for new customers' webspaces provisioning. Also, Provider may want to migrate existing customers' NG webspaces to the new NFS Volume to offload the most loaded one.

Follow the instructions in POA Provider Guide for more information about managing NFS Volumes in the Linux Shared Hosting NG Service:


POA hit the limit of sub-folders on ext3 filesystem on an NFS volume mounted from the Shared Storage (NFS) server - a directory on ext3 filesystem can have at most 31998 subdirectories, because an inode can have at most 32000 links.

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