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A customer's domain subscription was accidentally removed in BA, e.g. Provider terminated the domain subscription by mistake or the subscription was canceled because a customer did not pay renewal order (or automatic renewal order generation was disabled for a subscription).

As Provider I want to restore a customer's domain subscription.


The proper way to restore a customer's domain subscription depends on the domain status on Registrar side:

  1. If a domain was canceled on Registrar side then customer has to register it anew (if the domain is still available for registration) - place new sales order to register domain and pay it. After domain is registered anew Provider may adjust a customer's balance if necessary.

  2. If a domain was not canceled on Registrar side yet and is still available under Provider's account in Registrar then customer may place order to transfer domain to BA and pay it. If order provisioning fails (e.g. because Registrar does not allow to transfer domain which is already under Provider's account in Registrar) then Provider may complete the failed order manually using BA Domain Conflict Resolver. When order on domain transfer is completed Provider may adjust domain subscription end date and customer's balance if necessary.

NOTE: Hosing removal cannot be reverted back by means of OSA.

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