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A customer cannot update their Exchange mailbox in POA Control Panel, e.g. they cannot update list of email addresses for a mailbox because corresponding background task 'Updating addresses of mailbox' fails with the following error message: Cannot bind argument to parameter 'proxyAddresses' because it is an empty array


The 'EmailAddresses' property of the Exchange mailbox is empty like in the example below:
Get-Mailbox -Identity Hosting\johndoe | fl EmailAddresses
EmailAddresses     : {}

POA always create a mailbox with at least one email address assigned. A mailbox may have empty email addresses e.g. due to improper manual migration or due to manual changes applied to mailbox using native Exchange or Active Directory management tools.


  • Log into POA Customer Control Panel under the customer in question
  • Ensure that the broken Exchange mailbox has email address assigned:

  • Log into an Exchange server where the problem mailbox is hosted
  • Use the 'Set-Mailbox' cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell to set email address for the mailbox:
Set-Mailbox -Identity SAM_ACC_NAME -EmailAddresses SMTP:EMAIL_ADDR
Replace SAM_ACC_NAME with the Windows AD domain\username of the user owning the mailbox (it is shown on the 'General' tab in the Exchange mailbox properties in POA Control Panel), replace EMAIL_ADDR with the email address (or with the list of email addresses) displayed in POA Control Panel for the mailbox.

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