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Article ID: 116454, created on Jul 16, 2013, last review on May 20, 2014

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  • Business Automation 5.4


The pba_migrate script fails to connect to servers with the error messages provided below:

[0s] [DEBUG] [SSH::Connection] Init SSH using password authentification
[1m 21s] [DIE] [SSH::Connection] Error while init transport: Connection closed by remote host. at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Net/SSH/Perl/ line 143


[0s] [DEBUG] [SSH::Connection] Init SSH using password authentification
[3m 0s] [DIE] [SSH::Connection] Error while init transport: timeout at /usr/local/bm/tools/mig2rh6/ line 136.


The problem lies in the Net::SSH::Perl module which fails to generate random data for securing a connection in a timely fashion; see the following thread on Perl website for more details -


1) Make sure the Math::BigInt::GMP Perl module is installed on the server where the migration script is being executed:

[root@pba-migration pba-migration]# rpm -qa | grep GMP

2) Make sure /dev/random produces random data with enough speed.

For example, this is a bad behavior (the command hangs and is interrupted by pressing Ctrl-C):

[root@pba-migration pba-migration]# dd if=/dev/random of=/tmp/rnd bs=1024 count=10
^C0+2 records in
0+2 records out
28 bytes (28 B) copied, 209.539 s, 0.0 kB/s

And this is a good one (executes instantly):

[root@pba-migration pba-migration]# dd if=/dev/random of=/tmp/rnd bs=1024 count=10
0+10 records in
0+10 records out
1197 bytes (1.2 kB) copied, 0.000892964 s, 1.3 MB/s

You can fix /dev/random by enabling the *rngd *daemon. It may complain about kernel modules:

[root@pba-migration pba-migration]# /etc/init.d/rngd start
Starting rngd: can't open entropy source(tpm or intel/amd rng)
Maybe RNG device modules are not loaded             [FAILED]

If this happens, you can configure it to use /dev/urandom - put the following lines in the /etc/sysconfig/rngd file:

# Add extra options here
EXTRAOPTIONS="-r /dev/urandom"

Note: If /dev/random shows bad behavior inside Parallels Virtuozzo Container, the issue should be fixed on the hardware node, not inside the container.

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