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PBA-E Control Panel shows one of the following errors on various screens (mostly on screens which allow to manage external systems like domain or payment plug-ins or Service Gates):

Could not load container

Server is not available

Container is not started

Execution Failed: container XXX is not available.

Server XXX_Container is not available

Or such error is seen in failed PBA event.

The error message usually contains the name of the corresponding container (module) which is not started or cannot be loaded, like:

Server KAGATE_Container is not available

Could not load container for ENOM, container is not started.`


The container mentioned in the error message is stopped or stuck at the time of performing an operation or is not installed at all.


Log into PBA Application Server and check if the required container is installed and is running.

PBA for Linux

Check if the corresponding RPM package is installed on PBA Application Server, e.g. ENOM domain and SSL certificate plug-ins:

 # rpm -qa | grep enom

KA License Management plug-in:

 # rpm -qa | grep kagate

PBA for Windows

Run PBA installer of the same version/update which is installed and it will show if a particular container is installed or not like on the screenshot below:


The screenshot above shows that NOMINET, INETRNETX and OPENSRS domain registration plug-ins are installed while EURID and CENTRALNIC are not installed.

If the required container is not installed - install it using PBA-E installer for Linux or Windows. Refer to the PBA Deplyment Guide for Linux and PBA Deployment Guide for WIndows for more details.

If the required container is installed then check if it is running on PBA-E Application Server and start it if necessary.

PBA for Linux

# service pba status CONTAINER_NAME
# service pba start CONTAINER_NAME`

PBA for Windows

# ssm status CONTAINER_NAME
# ssm start CONTAINER_NAME`

Replace the CONTAINER_NAME with the name of the PBA-E container in question like ENOM, KAGATE, OPENSRS.

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