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Article ID: 116382, created on Jul 3, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Operations Automation (POA) version 5.4.13 can be downloaded here.

New Features

Linux Mail Hosting: Migration Procedures from RHES3/RHES4 to RHEL5/CentOS5

Skins Customization: Highlighting User Password

New Customer Attribute

Known Issues

The Web Site Aliases feature is not supported for the NG line of Apache Linux Hosting. Managing website aliases will be supported for Linux NG Hosting in POA version 5.5, in addition to Linux Shared Hosting and Windows Shared Hosting.

Other Known Issues:

#116693 qmail cluster authentication failure after POA 5.4.13 installation

Functional Changes

Changes in API Methods: A new parameter (note) was added to several methods

SaaS: Locale management improvement

SaaS: The link to subservices is always shown in My Control Panel

Fixed Issues

Linux Shared Hosting

POA-77643 FTP on exclusive IPv6 does not work on NG hosting

POA-77673 The is not added into crontab on NG webservers

POA-78134 NG cluster is removed incorrectly

POA-78578 Having MaxRequestsPerChild set to zero causes memory exhaustion at NG webservers

POA-78689 The Webspaces NG screen statistics are updated after a considerable delay. Fix Description: The NG webspaces journal records were fetched incorrectly. The most recent ones were not taken into account. The issue has been fixed.

POA-78580 Website alias is not supported for Linux Apache NG Hosting in POA 5.4


POA-77997 The odbc.ini/odbcinist.ini used by SAAS controller could be erased due to races in SAAS controller

POA-78032 It is not possible to localize error message related to service user login and password

POA-78111 The Exception message is not localized

POA-78248 Application Reseller Branding settings are not saved

POA-78250 The Service User's address, city, state, and country are not taken from the account

POA-78270 It is impossible to set the custom URL to longer than 32 symbols in Backup Agent Reseller Branding settings

POA-78838 DNS record substitution in APS works incorrectly for multiple records

POA-78860 The hidden/protected settings are not filled according to their classes in Site Apps

POA-77705 In POA, the language selected by a customer during login to Customer Control Panel is not applied; vendor language is used instead

PBA Integration

POA-77975 Some characters are removed when passing an error to POA

POA-78851 The "Hide billing item" option in CCP Settings does not work correctly

Control Panel

POA-77359 Localization of errors from java code in UI should be implemented

POA-78814 The Create Service User and the Edit Service User wizards do not properly validate the domain part of service user name

POA-78688 XSS vulnerability


POA-77456 The POA CEP report includes personally identifiable information: the names of Resellers

POA-78671 Value with empty "Name" is shown in POA billing report

POA-77618 A host cannot be re-registered if it has been registered before with the name in uppercase

POA-78218 High memory consumption by WinHostControl system

POA-78606 Security issue

POA-78762 Apache Local File Inclusion Vulnerability on Domain Parking Server

POA-78864 Resellers can manage Provider's Containers

POA-78680 Reporting about the number of failed tasks is needed


POA-77735 A customer is able to add Provider's nameserver from PBA as registered elsewhere

POA-78409 The Hosted Domains screen loads slowly when there are many subscriptions under end-user account

POA-77984 Custom DNS plugin: All DNS records are destroyed after cancellation of subscription

POA-78406 The Operations Director > DNS Manager > DNS zones screen opens slowly


POA-78348 The task "Revoke permissions from public folder..." is very slow if several users are granted the permissions to Public Folder, but permission for only one user is revoked

POA-78385 The Public Folder permissions are set with delay


POA-77901 The MessageLabs task fails on lab environments because of the new RoleType

Qmail Cluster

POA-76129 Insecure Qmail configuration: LDAP and Whoson

POA-77584 Need to drop mentions of DES encrypted passwords in guides

POA-78769 Redundant emails exist in the list of affected mailboxes for the Qmail host

POA-78750 The migration instructions related to Single-Host QMail, Majordomo, and Autoresponder2 services should be improved


POA-78439 Corrections to PA hardware requirements guide regarding PVC

POA-78844 The issue POA-72981 should be removed from POA 5.4.10 Release Notes

POA-78934 Section "Adjust PHP Settings on Legacy Apache Shared Node" of Parallels Presence Builder Integration guide doesn't contain information about changing PHP settings for sw-engine

POA-77433 Interoperability requirements are incomplete for PACI in POA 5.4 update 10 Release Notes

POA-78172 Migration of POA services from RHEL 4: add the migration procedure for qmail clusters

VPS Hosting

POA-78012 Service Plan names (for CLM) are shown in English for Portuguese locale in Customer Control Panel

POA-78388 The instructions for upgrading Parallels Plesk should be updated


CCU-6114 "remove_backup" fails if no backup is found

CCU-6046 Traffic Usage shows the negative delta

CCU-5972 Do not check Container limits during Load Balancer creation

CCU-5961 The "Application template is installed on one or more nodes" error appears on attempt to unregister an inactive application template

CCU-5960 HAProxy vulnerability


The update can be downloaded here. Please contact Support for its deployment.


You can find the full installation instructions in the "UPDATE.txt" file from the distribution.

Additional Information

All required system updates can be easily installed through "pa_updates_installer" [instructions].

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