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A customer of reseller has Hosted Exchange subscription with ID #1000101 in Parallels Automation. The subscription has non-zero limit on Exchange resources - mailboxes, contacts, distribution lists, resource mailboxes and the like:

When customer goes to Control Panel and tries to create Exchange mailbox they see the following error message:
Limit reached The usage of the resource "Mailboxes" for subscription with ID "844" exceeds the value of "0"

Control Panel says that usage of resource exceeds the value of '0', however it is clearly seen on the screenshot above that customer has enough units of Exchange mailboxes in their subscription.

Also, Control Panel says about the subscription #844 while the customer's subscription ID is #1000101.


The point is that reseller account to which the end customer belongs does not have corresponding Exchange resource(s) in their subscription and the end customer's subscription is based on own Service Template of a reseller.

A reseller in Parallels Automation may sell resources to their customers using one of two main models:

1. Resell Service Plans delegated to them by their vendor (Provider or top-level reseller). In this case reseller must not purchase any amount of resource being resold from their vendor before being able to sell it to own customer. This is so called Quick-Start or VAR (Value Added Reseller) reseller.

2. Reseller may purchase large amount of resource from their vendor, create own Service Template in POA, then create own Service Plan in PBA using own POA Service Template and sell own plan (with own resources) to their customers. In this case, before being able to resell resource to own end customers Reseller must have enough limit on resource in some of their reseller's subscription.

So, in the case above the second reseller model is being used and the reason of the problem is that reseller is trying to sell Exchange resources to their end customer without having corresponding resource in own subscription(s). That is why Customer Control Panel says about subscription which is not related to the customer, the mentioned subscription is the reseller's subscription which resleller used to create own Service Template in POA - reseller used resources from the mentioned subscription and the limit on the Exchange mailboxes resource is 0 in the reseller's subscription #844, not in the customer's subscription #1000101.


In case reseller wants to sell own Service Plans created based on own POA Service Templates with reseller's own resources the reseller must purchase Hosted Exchange resources from their vendor (Provider or top-level reseller) before being able to sell them to their end customers.

So, reseller must log into their Control Panel and increase limit on Exchange resources in their own subscription which they used to create own Service Template in POA. The subscription ID may be found in POA Reseller Control Panel in the properties of Service Template the reseller created:

On the screenshot above it is seen that the reseller used Hosted Exchange resources from the subscription #844 in their own Service Template. So, to resolve the problem the reseller has to increase limits on Exchange resources exactly in the subscription #844.

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