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Article ID: 116232, created on Jun 5, 2013, last review on Jun 6, 2017

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  • APS


APS 1.2 applications


Instruct hosting panel (POA, Plesk) how to fill application settings automatically from customer profile.


In application metadata (APP-META.xml) application defines settings that will be filled by user upon application installation. If particular classes are specify for the settings and their groups, hosting panel pre-fills these settings taking values for them from customer profile. Below is an example of application settings with classes. Notice that groups hierarchy and group classes are imported, as well as setting classes. If not commented otherwise, these classes are supported on both POA and Plesk.

             <group class="authn">
                   <setting id="admin_login" class="login" type="string">  <!-- user login name -->
                       <name>Administrator login</name>
                   <setting id="admin_password" class="password" type="password"> <!-- user password. POA generates random value on context level, and fills with user password on service user level -->
                      <name>Administrator password</name>
            <group class="web">
                <setting id="admin_language" class="locale" type="enum" default-value="en-US"> <!-- POA only. Planned to be supported in Plesk future release -->
                    <name>Interface Language</name>
                    <choice id="en-GB">
                       <name>English (GB)</name>
                    <choice id="fr-FR">
                  .... <!-- list all languages supported by application control panel -->
            <group class="vcard"> <!-- "vcard" group should contain user name, address, phone, email settings -->
                     <group class="fn n">  <!-- "fn n" - group with given name and last name -->
                          <setting id="first_name" type="string" class="given-name">  <!-- user first name - on POA. first + last name - on Plesk -->
                               <name>First Name</name>
                          <setting id="last_name" type="string" class="family-name"> <!-- POA only. Plesk does not separate first and last name, all is placed in 'given-name' -->
                               <name>Last Name</name>
                          <setting id="user_name" type="string" class="display-name"> <!-- POA only. first + last name -->
                               <name>User Full Name</name>
                      <group class="email">
                           <setting id="email" type="email" class="value">
                               <name>User Email</name>
                     <group class="org">
                          <setting id="organization_name" type="string" class="organization-name">
                              <name>Company Name</name>
                          <setting id="department" type="string" class="organization-unit"> <!-- Department - on POA, Company name - on Plesk -->
                      <group class="tel">     
                           <setting id="phone" type="string" class="value"> <!-- user phone, Plesk only. -->
                           <setting id="work_phone" type="string" class="work"> <!-- work phone number, POA only -->
                              <name>Work Phone Number</name>
                          <setting id="cell_phone" type="string"  class="cell"> <!-- mobile phone number, POA only -->
                             <name>Mobile Phone Number</name>
                          <setting id="fax_number" type="string" class="fax"> <!-- fax number, POA only -->
                            <name>Fax Number</name>
                          <setting id="home_phone" type="string"  class="home"> <!-- home phone number, POA only -->
                            <name>Home Phone Number</name>
                     </group> <!-- /tel -->
                     <setting id="full_address" type="string" class="adr">  <!-- full address: Country, zip code, state, city, street address. Plesk only -->
                        <name>Full Address</name>
                     <group class="adr">
                          <setting id="country" type="enum" class="country-name">
                                <choice id="af">
                                <choice id="al">
                               <!-- all countries should be listed. low case two symbols code is supported -->
                         <setting id="zip_code" type="string" class="postal-code">
                         <setting id="state" type="string" class="region">
                         <setting id="city" type="string" class="locality">
                         <setting id="street_address" type="string" class="street-address"> <!-- POA only -->
                            <name>Street Address</name>
                         <setting id="street_address" type="string" class="extended-address"> <!-- POA only -->
                            <name>Address Line 2</name>
                  </group> <!-- /adr -->
              </group> <!-- /vcard -->


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