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Article ID: 116231, created on Jun 5, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.4

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Business Automation (PBA) version 5.4.14 can be downloaded here.

New Features


PBA-47868 Add new core API BankAccountAdd_API

Functional Changes

Certificate Plug-Ins

PBA-34722 Incorrect contact information is passed to eNom on the certificate request

Domain Plug-Ins

PBA-44296 WHOIS registrar can get stuck if WHOIS server accepts connections, but does not respond

PBA-46969 Support of Standard EPP schema for Nominet domain plug-in


PBA-45870 Several transactions can be generated for one document

Installation and Configuration

PBA-44944 The "" file is rewritten during PBA update


PBA-46960 The Checkout page for PACI orders does not contain the "Total Estimated Price per Month"

Plans Management

PBA-47870 The "Freeze prices" option does not prohibit resource price synchronization with the service plan

Trouble Ticket System

PBA-45751 PBA does not allow multiple users with the same email address to log in to Kayako

Fixed Issues


PBA-46778 The SubscriptionWithIDAdd_API method does not set RenewPointType; as a result, the subscriptions are not renewed automatically

PBA-47076 Incorrect ARDocuments behavior with Cancellation order placement by PlaceSubscriptionCancellationOrder_API with CancelType = 10 (customer is refunded)

Billing Process

PBA-46355 It is not possible to cancel ABP subscription if a resource rate has been removed from the service plan

PBA-46697 The "Auto Apply Credits" option does not work

PBA-47252 An Order becomes Completed if no Payment or Invoice is attached to it; in this case, the Consolidated Invoice is enabled

Certificate Plug-Ins

PBA-47166 The eNom SSL plug-in incorrectly handles the "Refunded" certificate status

Configuration Settings

PBA-46941 The Attributes fields are absent for the provider in the Provider Control Panel

Customer Control Panel

PBA-46386 Error appears in Customer Control Panel if one tries to upgrade resources for subscription in the "Ordered" status

PBA-46968 The extra link "Add new payment method" is shown in Customer Control Panel on the Confirmation step of the Renew wizard

Domain Plug-Ins

PBA-46487 Domain Transfer to InternetX for domains fails due to incorrect format of the "uk_type" parameter

PBA-47307 Incorrect renewal request may be sent to eNom if a domain expiration date has passed already


PBA-46757 Domain conflict resolver may break subscription provisioning if domain is not yet created in POA


PBA-47869 A credit card removal disables Auto Payments for an account

POA Integration

PBA-43885 The default locale for a customer is propagated from PBA to POA

Provider Control Panel

PBA-46942 It is not possible to edit the description of Reason Codes


PBA-47860 Resource upgrades may work incorrectly on plan switch if resource has been downgraded below included value


PBA-46777 SSL vulnerabilities

The issues related to insufficient authorization have been fixed. Issue IDs: PBA-46155, PBA-47044, PBA-47545

Skins and Design

PBA-47370 The Service Plans list in the Store is displayed incorrectly if the Plans have some periods disabled


PBA-27581 There is no description of PBA behavior with Freeze Prices option in Providers and Resellers Guides

PBA-44642 Need to update the PBA Provider's Guide/Help in the section External Hepldesk (Kayako)

PBA-45493 Add description of the new Store General parameter to documentation

PBA-46708 Accept "Terms and Conditions" in PlaceOrderAndAuthorize_API call

PBA-47066 Different links to the PA Hardware Requirements document on POA and PBA documentation pages

PBA-47668 Installation of PBA update removes per-user customization; this must be mentioned in documentation

PBA-47853 Wrong path is specified in the instructions on page 97-98 in Online Store Guide

Update installation information

During update installation, PBA-E services on the PBA-E application server will be stopped.

With update installation on Linux, PostgreSQL server service will be restarted several times.

With update installation on Windows, a PBA-E application server reboot may be required.

Expected downtime depends on the amount of time required to make a pre-upgrade backup and on the source product version.


Note: Re-install custom plugins before running ./ according to article #116201 PBA 5.4 Installing custom plug-ins during PBA update.

Before re-installation, all custom plugins must be rebuilt using the new SDK (find link above).


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Windows 2008
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Known issues

If integration with the Kayako External Helpdesk is used, the "kayakofusion.php" integration file must be re-uploaded to the Kayako server since there were changes related to the External Helpdesk module in this update.

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