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Article ID: 116211, created on May 31, 2013, last review on May 10, 2014

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After the PBA server has been rebooted all encryption keys for credit cards are unloaded.

(Automatic) payment via encrypted credit cards/bank accounts is not possible until private keys are loaded into PBA again.


After a private key has been loaded it is stored in PBA memory only. Upon any PBA server restart the private key(s) for decryption are not loaded automatically.

A private key must be stored on secure storage outside PBA and private password is necessary for enabling encryption.


After each PBA server restart, load the private key(s) again and enter the private password(s) in order to enable encryption for credit cards and bank accounts again.

To load private key:

  1. Open the Configuration Director > E-Commerce Settings > Encryption Keys submenu of the Navigation tree in PBA Provider Control Panel. Information about Encryption Keys is displayed.

  2. Click Load Private Key. Fill the form, paste private key text or load it from file.

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