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Article ID: 116180, created on May 28, 2013, last review on May 10, 2014

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Provider registered Exchange mailbox Store in POA Control Panel and configured desired size limit for the Store.

Provider wants to get notification when Mailbox Store approaches configured size limit to be able to properly react on this event: register new Mailbox Store in POA or increase size of an existing one.


Follow the steps below to configure notification about Exchange Mailbox Store approaching limit.

1. Log into POA Provider Control Panel.

2. Go to Service Director > Hosted Exchange Manager > Mailbox Stores.

3. Click on a Mailbox Store you want to configure notifications for.

4. Set the 'Issue size warning at' parameter to the desired value. The parameter defines the maximum disk space that can be allocated in the Mailbox Store for customers' mailboxes before a warning message is sent to the Provider. This value cannot be greater than the store size limit.

5. Go to System Director > Notification Manager > Notification Subscriptions.

6. Create subscription using MailMessenger as transport and enter desired e
mail address for notification messages. Alternatively you may use already existing notification subscription if any.

7. Click on created (or existing) notification subscription.

8. Switch to the 'Notification events' tab.

9. Make sure that the '
Warning size limit of Exchange store is reached' notification is added to the subscription, add it if it is absent.

10. When allocated space on Exchange Mailbox Store exceeds value configured
in the 'Issue size warning at' parameter for the Store POA will send email message to the notification subscription configured on previous steps.

Provider also may configure notification subscription using the 'HTTP messenger' as transport, such notifications may be seen right in POA Provider Control Panel at System Director > Notification Manager > Notifications Log like on the screenshot below:

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