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When creating a new shared VPS, Provider is getting the following error message in POA Control Panel: There are no appropriate free IP addresses for new VPS
However, you explicitly selected an IP pool with available addresses in VPS creation wizard, see screenshot below:


The error message is related to backnet IP address, while wizard shows chosen frontnet IP pool only.

Backnet IP addresses for shared VPSes are taken from IP pools attached to VPS hardware node where VPS is going to be created.

The errors you see means that IP pool(s) with the 'Infrastructure configuration' purpose and available IP addresses was not found on any of 'Ready to provide' VPS hardware nodes suitable for provisioning of new VPS.


Follow the steps below to resolve the problem.

1. Log into POA Provider Control Panel

2. Open Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager

3. Select a 'Ready to Provide' host you would like the VPS to be provisioned to.

4. Open the 'Networking' tab. The 'IP Pools' screen is opened with the list of IP pools attached to the hardware node. POA will take backnet IP address for the shared VPS from one of these IP pools.

5. You can click on any of the pools containing backnet IP addresses to check if there are available addresses left.

If pool with available IP addresses is present and you wish to use this pool, make sure that 'Infrastructure Configuration' purpose is enabled in the pool properties:

If there are no IP pools with available addresses, you can choose one of the following options:

1. Assign a new IP pool with backnet IP addresses and 'Infrastructure Configuration' purpose to the host, instructions can be found in POA documentation:

2. Free some IP addresses in existing pool: if you open the 'Hosts' tab in IP pool properties you will see a list of hosts that use IPs from the pool. If these are some test machines which are no longer needed, you can delete them and make IP addresses available.

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