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Article ID: 116094, created on May 15, 2013, last review on Apr 11, 2017

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Starting from BA 5.4 Update 4, it is possible to use up to 8-digit precision for pricing.


I. Enable extra currency precision:

  1. Edit the currency configuration file on the BA Management Node:

    BA for Linux: /usr/local/stellart/share/currencies.txt

    BA for Windows: C:\Program Files\Parallels\stellart\share\currencies.txt

  2. Find the needed currency, and change the default Precision and Accurate Precision field values according to your needs.

    • Precision is the number of digits after the comma, which will be displayed on all fields of AR documents in BA (except for the "Unit Price" field in the Sales Order, which will be displayed with the precision set by Accurate Precision).
    • Accurate Precision is generally the precision used for inner billing calculations, or the number of digits after the comma that are taken into account in BA pricing.
    • Accurate Precision is supposed to be greater than Precision.

      For example, if it was USD 840 2 4, you can change it to USD 840 5 7.


    • USD - currency name
    • 840 - currency code
    • 5 - Precision
    • 7 - Accurate Precision

    In this case Accurate Precision = Precision+2, but you are not limited in selecting a number of digits when setting the precision.

  3. Restart BA:

    BA for Linux:

    # /etc/init.d/pba restart

    BA for Windows:

    net stop ssm
    net start PBA

IMPORTANT - this change is reset with any update installation, it is required to edit the file and restart BA after each update installation. There is a request #PBA-60154 ("Keep file '/usr/local/stellart/share/currencies.txt' unchnanged during PBA update") to keep the file unchanged.

II. Set up the notification templates:

  1. BA 5.4: Communication Director > Notification Manager > Notification Templates

    BA 5.5, 6.0.x, 7.0.x: Home > System > Settings > Notifications > Notification Templates

  2. Find the Order Details, ARDoc Details notification subtemplates (there may be some different (sub)templates using the same placeholders) and replace the standard placeholders


    with the following ones:


III. Change the price precision in the store:

  1. BA 5.4: Home > Product Director > Online Store Manager > Languages

    BA 5.5 and later: Home > Products > Online Store > Languages

    choose the required language and replace the CURRENCY_DECIMALS_NUMBER value with the desired precision (number of digits after decimal point)

  2. Synchronize the store.

IV.* For price in CCP for PACI subscriptions edit POA property:

OA 5.4: Parallels Operations Automation > Top > System Director > Configuration Manager > System Properties -> Number of decimal places for the default PACI currency

OA 5.5 and later: System > Settings > System Properties -> The number of decimal places for the default Cloud Infrastructure currency

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