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Article ID: 116077, created on May 14, 2013, last review on Dec 29, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4


Customer installed some web application on their IIS website on POA-managed Windows shared hosting server. Sending emails through customer's IIS web site does not work.


On Windows shared hosting IIS SMTP feature is used for sending outgoing email messages. Most likely the problem arises because POA LocalSMTP package is not installed on IIS servers or is configured improperly.


First, verify that the POA package LocalSMTP is installed on IIS shared hosting server where problem customer's website is located and check that it is running.

  1. Log into In POA Provider Control Panel
  2. Go to Deployment Director > Server Manager > Hardware Nodes
  3. Click on the needed server in the list
  4. Open the Applications tab
  5. Verify that the LocalSMTP application is present in the list and it is in Active state
  6. Click on the LocalSMTP application
  7. Open the Configuration tab
  8. Verify that the correct relay host is configured

    If LocalSMTP is absent in the list of applications installed on IIS server - install it via the Packages tab. If everything is correct in POA Control Panel, then check SMTP configuration on IIS server:

  9. Log into the IIS server is question using RDP
  10. Open IIS Manager and verify that SMTP server is started.
  11. Right-click the SMTP server and select Properties.
  12. Open the Delivery tab.
  13. Click Advanced.
  14. Verify that Smart host configured there matches the one configured in POA. Click OK.

    If the steps above do not help to resolve the issue, in General tab of SMTP server properties on IIS server check Enable logging and click OK.

    Next time after an email is sent by the customer's web site application, you will be able to review the SMTP session log (by default the logs are stored in the C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\SmtpSvc1 folder). In most cases the reason of the issue will be clear from log.

    One of the common reasons for delivery failures is that server configured as smart host does not allow to relay mail for IIS server. Configuring your email server to allow to relay mail for shared IIS server depends on the type of mailer you have on your relay host. For qmail, you should add IP of the IIS server to the /usr/local/qmail/shared/control/whitelist file, for Exchange you should modify the receive connector configuration on the Hub Transport server you use as smart host. Please consult documentation for the mailing system you use on your relay host for details.

    Do not forget to disable SMTP logging in IIS after troubleshooting is complete.

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