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Article ID: 116040, created on Apr 30, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Operations Automation (POA) version 5.4.12 can be downloaded here.

Upcoming End of Life in Next Version(s)

POA 5.5:

  • Windows SharePoint Services 2.0

New Features

Support for Exchange Server 2013

Fixed Issues

POA-78045 The task "Creating virtual host directory structure for domain service with ID xxxxx" does not have retries

POA-78031 SAAS controller may crash during execution of "Synchronize Resource Usage" task

POA-77893 Sometimes, an auto-generated password cannot pass the password check if "Password Quality Level for Child Accounts" is set to "High"

POA-77789 The error "Application script structured output is not valid" occurs when installing DotNetNuke SA

POA-77740 A fatal error occurs when generating new password from Customer Control Panel if "Password Quality Level" is set to "Very High"

POA-77722 Removed dependency from Exchange 2013 Management Tools in Exchange provider

POA-77601 The loading Sandclock icon does not disappear after download of the customized locale file completes (for Internet Explorer 8)

POA-77568 The Parked Domain DefaultPage is displayed incorrectly; CSS requests fail

POA-77545 Customer is able to add provider's nameserver in the Customer Control Panel as registered elsewhere

POA-77543 The POA random password generation mechanism should not use the dictionary-based algorithm

POA-77502 After some time, the task "Create virtual web server " fails

POA-77459 Missing permission for the "bin" folder on newly provisioned SPF2010 applications

POA-77431 A created service user's surname starts with a space

POA-77274 POA schedules Container backups for disabled Container with disabled subscription

POA-77236 Remove dependency from Exchange 2013 Management Tools in Exchange provider

POA-77232 The node registration with the role IIS 7.5 fails if WPE and MPS are both deployed on a domain

POA-77220 SaaS Service Controller consumes an increasing amount of memory during resource usage synchronization

POA-77208 Minor security issue in POA BIND

POA-77158 Error occurs when accessing the IP Translations screen

POA-77125 Change company disclaimer tasks fail because WPE ChangeDisclaimer script contains extra parameter

POA-77035 "httpd" not updated on hosts

POA-76984 SaaSManager_impl::onDomainRegistrarStatusReady takes too long to complete

POA-76965 Passwords set by the "pem.cqmail.addMailbox" method are not handled correctly

POA-76964 Selection with only one item in the list should be shown as read-only text in UI

POA-76937 Too many cookies are written by POA when working with Customer Control Panel in case of POA/PBA integration

POA-76515 Preview of Company disclaimers shows the plain text HTML instead of the correct preview

POA-76504 Simultaneous updates of application resource's settings sometimes fail

POA-76492 Company disclaimers with HTML tags and Active Directory attributes do not work in Customer Control Panel

POA-69268 APSC database session can be shared among different CORBA requests, leading to transaction collapse

CCU-5890 updateSettings() updates wrong Containers after backup restore

CCU-5738 Sometimes, resource usage collection errors occur if Instance Manager polling period is close to 1 hour

CCU-5736 VM RAM cannot be reduced on the fly

CCU-5667 Error occurs when adding resources to a service template if resources of the resource class have the same OS Group activation parameter

CCU-5623 Cannot change the server limit for a subscription in Instance Manager


The update can be downloaded here. Contact the Parallels Support Team for its deployment.


You can find the full installation instructions in the UPDATE.txt file from the distribution.

Additional Information

All required system updates can be easily installed through the pa_updates_installer tool.

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