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Lync user receives HTTP 404 error trying to open meeting URL.


Rewrite rules are configured incorrectly on the 'Lync Server External Web Site' in IIS on Front End/Director servers: only rewrite rules for the base meeting URL specified by the ‘Conferencing domain name’ setting in the Application Global Settings should be present:


Check whether the (Get-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration).UseBackendDatabase property is set to ‘True’, run the PowerShell cmdlet, it should return 'True': PS C:\> (Get-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration).UseBackendDatabase

If the property is not set to 'True' correct it: Set-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration -UseBackendDatabase $true
Check whether the InternalDomains/AllowAllDomains is set to ‘true’ in the topology file:

  • Generate and save Lync topology .tbxml file using Topology Builder
  • Open the generated XML file and check the InternalDomains/AllowAllDomains parameter:

  • If the InternalDomains/AllowAllDomains parameter is not set to 'true' correct it in Lync topology using one of the ways below:
  1.  Use Topology Builder
  2. Execute the following script in the PowerShell
$topology = [xml](Get-CsTopology -AsXml)
$topology.DocumentElement.InternalDomains.AllowAllDomains = 'true‘
Publish-CsTopology -Document ([System.Xml.Linq.XElement]::Parse($topology.OuterXml))
  • Run the Enable-CsComputer PowerShell cmdlet on each FrontEnd and Director server.


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