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Address layout is broken in POA Provider or Customer Control Panel - some fields like City, State/Province, ZIP Code or Country are missing, see the screenshot for more details:

The problem also may affect a particular locale installed in the system, i.e. being logged with English locale all fields in the customer's address are displayed correctly, while being logged with another locale the same fields are missing.

The problem may also affect different brands, i.e. customers under particular brand(s) experience the problem with address layout in Control Panel, while customers under another brands do not experience the problem at all.


Address layout settings are misconfigured either in locale or in brand properties.


Check and correct if necessary address layout settings in both - locale and brand.

1. Log into POA Provider Control Panel

2. Go to the list of customers at Operations Director > Customer Manager > Customers

3. Find the problem customer and remember its brand in the 'Brand' field on the screen

4. Go to Marketing Director > Branding Manager > Brands

5. Click on the brand found on the step 3

6. Switch to the 'Interface Settings' tab in the brand properties

7. Find the parameters defined in the Addresses section:

A brand may be configured to display address using two modes:

  • Use address layout defined in a customer's locale
  • Use address layout defined right in brand

8. If brand configured to use address layout defined right in brand then correct parameters in the Addresses section as shown on the screenshot above - add required address parts from the 'Available' list to the 'Selected' one.

9. If brand configured to use address layout defined in locale then go to System Director > Configuration Manager > Internationalization & Localization, click on the problem locale, switch to the 'Address Layout' tab and correct parameters in locale:

10. Refresh screen in Customer Control Panel to update information about address.

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