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The delivery of the Wave 15 for Office 365 by Microsoft has brought two major changes:
  1. Services upgrade: all the Microsoft Online services (Exchange Online, Lync Online, and SharePoint Online) are upgraded from version 14 (2010) to version 15 (2013).
  2. Introduction of the new Offers (P2, M, Visio Pro, Project Pro, etc).
The not-so-obvious dependency between those two items creates certain restrictions on customer subscriptions that have been created prior to the Wave 15 General Availability. Specifically, customers that have not yet been upgraded to Wave 15 cannot be sold with any of the new offers. 

The customers that have been created on Wave 14 will eventually be upgraded to Wave 15. The per-customer upgrade scheduling is complicated (it includes the customer ability to postpone the upgrade) and the detailed description is out of this article scope, but the important aspect of this upgrade is the gradual nature of the migration: for a prolonged period of time the Syndication Partner will observe some of their tenants being on Wave 14, while others are already on Wave 15.

This article describes the recommended approach to handling the Wave 14 to Wave 15 upgrade in Parallels Automation.


The only way to express the limitations on the possible Offers (exposed as Resource Rates in PA) for the PA customers is the use of Service Plans.
Therefore, it is recommended that additional copies of the Service Plans for all the target audiences where the new offers have been introduced are created, and old service plans are disabled, as described below:
  • Create a new Service Plan for the Small Business offers, adding the resource rate for the P2 offer; 
  • Create a new Service Plan for the Enterprise offers, adding the resource rates for the Visio Pro, Project Pro, and Exchange Archiving for the Microsoft Online.
  • Create a new Service Plan for the Midsize  Business offer
  • Make sure you disable the old Service Plans for Small Business and Enterprise customers - as all the new customers created after Wave 15 GA (set forth individually for each syndication partner) will be already on Wave 15.
This way, the existing customers would use the "old" version of Service Plans for Small Business and Enterprise customers, and won't be able to order any new Offers through the Customer CP.
Then, once each customer gets upgraded on Microsoft side, Syndication Partner would need to go to PA and switch plan on behalf of that customer, to reflect the customer new status.

The only way to determine whether a particular tenant has been upgraded is to rely on the Tenant Report partner can obtain through the Microsoft Account Manager (see the attached sample).
  • UpgradeSubStatus should be "Upgrade Complete"
  • UpgradeEndDateValue should be later than maximum Upgrade End Date observed during previous review of the Tenant Report
Syndication partners should do the following on the regular basis until all the tenants have been upgraded and processed:
  1. Get the Tenant Report from your Microsoft Account Manager
  2. Walk through the report, searching for the lines with the UpgradeSubStatus equal to "Upgrade Complete"
  3. For each line, find the corresponding subscription in PA (PBA PCP > Operation Director > Support Manager > Subscriptions, search by Account Name = Organization from Tenant Report)
  4. Switch subscription plan from the Wave 14 plan to the matching Wave 15 plan
  5. Note the UpgradeEndDateValue in the tenant report to keep the max date for the future reference.
  6. For the second and subsequent executions of this procedure skip the report lines that have UpgradeEndDateValue less than or equal to the max UpgradeEndDateValue observed the last time.


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