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A customer cannot create SharePoint site on shared web application in POA Control Panel due to the following error message:
No IP address for host <id> available for subscription #1. Allocate more IPs in appropriate pool bound to this host.
where <id> is the ID of a particular SharePoint server managed by POA, see the example on the screenshot below:


There are no free IP addresses in the IP pool attached to the host mentioned in the error message.


There may be several ways to resolve the problem.

1. Attach IP pool with free IP addresses to the problem SharePoint hosting server.

2. Analyze and adjust if appropriate the number of shared WSS applications configured in capacities of the problem SharePoint server:

  • Log into POA Provider Control Panel
  • Go to Deployment Director > Server Manager > Hardware Nodes
  • Click on the SharePoint server in question
  • Switch to the General > Capacities tab
  • Look at the values of the Number of shared WSS applications parameter

POA creates shared SharePoint web application on demand and reserves IP address for every single shared web application (this IP address is shared between customers' SharePoint sites created within a particular shared web application). So if there are available shared web applications POA will try to create a new one and reserve IP address for it. Since there is no free IP addresses the request will fail.

If you do not need to create more shared SharePoint web applications than already exist consider to set limit on them (the Capacity field) to the current number of already created shared web applications. In this case POA will not try to create new shared web application (and attach IP address to it), it will create customer's SharePoint site in one of existing shared web applications using already assigned IP address.

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