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Article ID: 115963, created on Apr 16, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Plesk Automation 11.5


  1. Tool ppa.sn_test reported the following message:

    [31 Oct 2014 07:23:28 CET][ERROR] The following errors were detected:
    [31 Oct 2014 07:23:28 CET][ERROR] - The yum repository (base) are not configured. Please configure them before attaching the node. To learn how to configure yum, refer to the following article:
  2. Update installation failed with error message:

    [INFO]: Checking whether YUM configuration is valid on the host 'sn_hostname (5)'...
    2014-10-30 16:44:42.274 DEBUG Executing command: '['/usr/local/pem/bin/pleskd_ctl', '-f', '/usr/local/pem/etc/pleskd.props', '-s', '47', 'processHCL', '/tmp/tmp5QrAge', '5']'
    Failed to check the YUM configuration on hosts registered in PPA.
    Check the following hosts and make sure that YUM works, OS YUM repositories are configured and OS packages can be downloaded from them:
            * host 'sn_hostname' (3) YUM configuration check failed: no OS YUM repositories were found: it looks like no OS repositories are configured.
    [ERROR]: See update log file /usr/local/ppa/log/ppaupdate.log for details.


  1. Required yum repositories on service node are not configured.
  2. The issue is caused by the system locale settings (software issue #PPA-2149). When updater gets repositories list, it cannot parse it because of differences in columns name:

Default locale:

# env LANG=C yum -C --disablerepo=repo-id-* repolist
Loaded plugins: product-id, rhncheckplugin, rhnplugin, subscription-manager
repo id                          repo name                         status
rhel-x86_64-server-6             Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server   14233
rhel-x86_64-server-optional-6    RHEL Server Optional              8063
repolist: 22296

Dutch locale:

# yum -C --disablerepo=repo-id-* repolist
Repo-ID                        Repo-Name:                          Status
rhel-x86_64-server-6           Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server     14.233
rhel-x86_64-server-optional-6  RHEL Server Optional                8.063
repolist: 22.296

The columns names are different.


The fix for software issue #PPA-2149 is included in Plesk Automation MU#9.

Instructions on installing PA updates available at How to install PA updates.

To configure YUM repositories:

Determine the version of service node operating system:

    cat /etc/redhat-release

Depending on the operating system resolution is different:

  • CentOS

    Run following commands:

     mkdir unpack
     rm -f index.html
     os_version=` cat /etc/redhat-release | egrep -o "([0-9])" | head -n 1`
     if [ $os_version -eq 6 ]; then packages='Packages'; else packages='CentOS'; fi;
     wget$os_version/$os_version/os/` uname -m`/$packages/
     filename=`grep -Po '(?!>)(centos-release-[0-9]-[0-9].*\.rpm\b)(?!<)' index.html`
     wget$os_version/$os_version/os/` uname -m`/$packages/$filename
     mkdir -p /tmp/unpack/var/lock/rpm/
     rpm -Uvh --root /tmp/unpack/ --nodeps centos-release*rpm
     cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
     mkdir attic
     mv *.repo attic/
     cp /tmp/unpack/etc/yum.repos.d/* .
     rm -fr /tmp/unpack
  • RedHat

    If your service node operating system is RedHat, please refer to article:

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