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Article ID: 115930, created on Apr 11, 2013, last review on May 10, 2014

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APS 1.x shared applications automatic testing (certification) in APS Catalog.


Certification system (APS Catalog) performs automatic application testing in POA panel with Apache and IIS hosting. Application installation, re-configuration and upgrade from previous versions is checked.

Automatic tests are incomplete without application own Selenium IDE test script.

After application installation, re-configuration or upgrade, it is necessary to check that application own interface works correctly. It is needed to login and perform some scenario in application interface.

For this purpose, application own Selenium IDE test is used.

Selenium IDE is Firefox plug-in ( It allows to record browser session and save it in form of html script.

Record some small scenario in application interface, save it, and place in application archive in directory named 'test'. While recording the test, make sure to add WaitForTextPresent commands before every click. It is needed to 'wait' since browser loads pages not immediately.

In addition to test script (or scripts),  TEST-META.xml config should be placed in directory 'test' in package archive.

TEST-META.xml defines test script for each entry point. Example TEST-META.xml contents:

<ide-script entry-id="1">script1.xml</ide-script>
<ide-script entry-id="2">script2.xml</ide-script>

where entry-id is the index number of the entry in APP-META.xml entry-points list.

If none or only one entry point is defined in APP-META.xml, TEST-META can use simpler format:


Please see Selenium script examples in applications Magento, WordPress, Joomla, DotNetNuke.

Test script can use application setting placeholders, which are replaced with real values by our test system before test is played.

Placeholder format is @@SETTINGS_<setting_id>@@, example: @@SETTINGS_admin_email@@

Certification system runs this test against automatically installed application instance.


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