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POA cannot create subscription with the Office 365 APS application or install the Office 365 application into an existing subscription, corresponding POA APS task fails with error message 'A value should be specified for the State parameter' like in the example below:
Task ID 775716
Queue name      aps_application_instance13906
Task name       APS application 'Microsoft Office 365', id 101, instance 13906 -> service 'customer', instance 18146: executing configuration script
Task description APS application 'Microsoft Office 365', id 101, instance 13906 -> service 'customer', instance 18146: executing configuration script
Subscription ID 1075377
Queue status    Failed
Start not earlier than  Mar-29-2013 05:31
Method name     taskExecuteApplicationInstanceScript on OBJREF:SaaSManagerTasks:0:getAPSExternalTasks:0
Last execution output   
Application configuration script reported errors: 'Method edit_customer calling failed.
Reason: A value should be specified for the State parameter Method: UpdateCustomerAccount


Microsoft requires country state to be defined (based on country) when creating or updating customer account in the Office 365. In Parallels Automation state may be configured as not mandatory parameter, so POA does not pass the state parameter to Microsoft and provisioning request fails.


Configure Parallels Automation installation to require customer to provide country state when creating new customer account.

The list of countries with mandatory country state (it may be not complete, contact the Microsoft Support Team for the full up-to-date list):
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United States

If POA is integrated with PBA (or other external billing system) then perform the necessary configuration on PBA side because in this case all customer accounts must be created in PBA (external billing system):

  • Log into PBA Provider Control Panel
  • Go to Configuration Director > Sales & Financial Settings > Country Specific Settings
  • Click on every country from the list below and set the 'State/Province is required' parameter to Yes
  • Go to Configuration Director > Miscellaneous Settings > Countries
  • Click on every country from the list below and make sure that all country states are listed on the 'States / Provinces' tab in the country properties

If POA is deployed as standalone installation then configure POA to require state for accounts:

  • Log into POA Provider Control Panel
  • Go to System Director > Configuration Manager > System Properties
  • Enable the 'Mandatory state field for accounts' system property

Then, fix the problem with a particular broken customer account - fill the state parameter for the customer account in question.

Filling state parameter in a customer account properties will not solve the problem with the failed task(s) because task parameters will not be changed automatically after customer account properties were adjusted (task parameters are stored separately).

To solve the problem with the particular failed task modify the env_var_SETTINGS_cu_StateProvince parameter in the failed task and re-run it using the POA OpenAPI method pem.tasks.rescheduleTask, use the intstructions in the Knowledgebase article #115550 How to change parameters of existing POA task.

Prepare the text file pem.tasks.rescheduleTask.xml with the following content on the POA Management Node:
<?xml version="1.0"?>

Replace the FAILED_TASK_ID with the actual ID of the failed task in POA Task Manager, replace the STATE_VALUE with the proper country state.

Send the API request to POA:
# curl -d@pem.tasks.rescheduleTask.xml http://localhost:8440
The task will be executed with the proper value of a customer country state.

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